Dear Colleagues and Sector Representatives,

B2B Matchmaking Society will organize ” İstanbul MetroRail Forum& Exhibition ” with the slogan of “Let’s Stop Traffic Jam Making to the News” on April 9-10, 2015 in association with the Metro Working Group of Tunneling Society and Turkish Society for Infrastructure and Trenchless Technologies under the auspices of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and İstanbul Ulaşım A.Ş.

Traffic jam, environmental pollution, global warming, financial and emotional damages caused by traffic accidents, suffering urban fabric and other similar factors associated with rapid population growth and economic development have made green, considerate of people with disabilities, integrated and above all, sustainable metro investments inevitable.

Among the objectives of this MetroRail Forum& Exhibition are to raise awareness in the society with regards to metro transportation, explain the society that metros are a kind of social space and to round up relevant administrations, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders concerned with metro investments in Istanbul, the city which will achieve a metro system longer and more modern than many other developed cities in the world by 2019.  To this end, metro investments as well as the supports of society for such investments are inevitably needed in order to build a low-carbon Istanbul where each and every corner is reachable via metro systems in line with Turkey’s vision for 2023.

As a captivating composition of eastern and western cultures, Istanbul has a unique character with its pace of life and modern texture, and is one of the most prominent metropolitan cities with its rich and thousands-year old history.

The purpose behind all these preparations and the most esteemed speakers invited is to make this MetroRail Forum& Exhibition a fulfilling and satisfying event for all stakeholders.

We expect you to honor MetroRail Forum& Exhibition Forum with your presence.

Best regards
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Turan Söylemez